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To supplement the green gift guide, my wonderful sister-in-law Gabrielle Beauchamp wrote this guest post for you sharing some of her favourite quality toys for children:


Traditionally, Christmas is a time of year where consumption is high- lots of meals, parties- and presents. So. Many. Presents. Especially if there are children in your life, you may be asking yourself how you can make smarter purchasing decisions that make a smaller impact on your environment, while still giving beautiful gifts to those you love.

My husband and I have made a commitment to purchase presents for our daughter this year that hold true to our core values- we only want to introduce objects into our house that will last, that are environmentally conscious, and/or ethically or ideally, locally produced.

I hope these toy ideas will help you if you’re looking to do the same!

recycled plastic cupcake toy from Green Toys

Green Toys

These little cupcakes come in a tray, and have three different coloured stackable bits so that you can mix and match them. They are made of recycled plastic (from milk jugs!), and are a great addition to any play kitchen. Who doesn’t like playing with cupcakes? I haven’t found a child yet who doesn’t love to serve these little cakes up when they come over for a visit- the only challenge is keeping all the parts together. These are made in the USA- and there are many other products that would make great Christmas gifts- stackable blocks, kitchen sets, cars, trucks, ferries and more. They’ve got a ton of options for the children on your list.


Ouistine vegetable toys


Do you know what kids like to do when they are playing with pretend food? They like to put it in their mouth and pretend to eat it. I am so confident in the quality of Ouistitine’s products that I wouldn’t hesitate to allow my daughter to ‘eat’ these veggies to her hearts delight! Ouistitine is a Canadian brand of toy and home goods, and also make dolls, toys, puppets, and more. My daughter and I (along with her friends) tested out their vegetable basket this summer, which are each handmade with pure, reused wool, and stuffed with carded wool.

They are made in Montreal Canada, and are wonderful toys made with attention to detail by designers with exceptional style- if you are looking for something made with care that is mindful of the environment, Ouistitine’s beautiful selections will more than fit the bill. Because I especially love to keep my gift purchasing local, I will be picking up one of their stunning little hedgehogs for the smallest child in my family, and some hand puppets for creative playtime. They also carry a line of beautiful cards for any occasion, so make sure to stock up before the holidays!


hedgehog and mouse toys from Maileg


These little cuties are designed in Denmark and made using natural materials- linen and cotton. My daughter loves putting her little mouse, ‘Flower Flour’ to bed in her cardboard matchbox, and tucking her into the beautiful sheets. The little hedgehog ‘Holly’ gets to sleep wrapped tightly in her adorable leaf bed. They are also great travel companions- small enough to fit easily into a toddler backpack, and not too annoying to carry in your pocket when your little one gets tired of carrying them! Maileg’s toys are simple, clean, beautiful, and crafted with exceptional attention to detail.


Djeco wooden ox block


Djeco is a French company that makes all sorts of wooden toys and games for children. This ox guy is part of the ZeTribu stacking blocks collection, which has a bunch of different stackable animal body parts- not only are these fun to play with, they also look beautiful no matter which way you stack them- these are one of the few toys I don’t mind keeping out after playtime is done. They also have a huge selection of games and puzzles for your little ones.


Thanks so much to Gabrielle for sharing her children’s toy picks! For more gift ideas for the rest of your family and friends check out My Green Gift Guide. Gabrielle also was a guest on the channel and made a couple videos reviewing natural sunscreen and care products for kids and also sustainable kids clothing!


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