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Last Updated on January 31, 2023

This post was kindly sponsored by wearwell and contains affiliate links, however all opinions and experiences are my own.

My wardrobe is unfortunately not at it’s peak. A lot of favorite clothes and unique pieces no longer fit and I’ve defaulted to a uniform of leggings, sweats, tees, and sweaters the past couple years – comfy but not inspiring. So when the opportunity came to try a sustainable personal styling service I jumped on it. As a work-from-home mom with not much time for shopping and also feeling in a style rut, I was curious to try it out and hoping to get some inspiration from the stylist.

Wearwell is a US-based marketplace of clothing and accessories from brands with vetted ethical and environmental values. They feature some of my favorite brands such as Tonlé, People Tree, Miakoda, Thought, and Mata Traders, as well as other brands I wasn’t as familiar with but also seems to have solid ethics and sustainability initiatives.

In addition to being a hub for sustainable fashion, they offer a membership which gives you discounts, perks, and access to their personal styling service. You can either get 4 seasonal styling sessions as part of their annual membership or purchase personal styling sessions whenever you like.

My Personal Styling Experience

First you need to fill out wearwell’s style quiz which is pretty straight forward and covers some basic things about what you like and what you’re looking for.

They will also keep your location, season, and climate in mind when making selections. You can even request your stylist picks certain pieces for a specific occasion or event if you have something coming up.

First Virtual Styling Session

My stylists picks quickly arrived in my inbox within a couple business days. I was quite happy with the first picks – some good staples and a couple pops of colour. I’m honestly pretty impressed that all the pieces they chose were things I would wear and also items that could fairly easily integrate into my capsule wardrobe. The only pick that wasn’t a good fit for me was the backpack and just because it’s made of leather, I think the style is quite cute.

I appreciated that instead of picking random items my stylist, Meg, considered how the pieces would go together so if I was getting a few items they would work well.

It also felt so nice to see clothing picks and know that it’s all from slow fashion brands I would actually want to support. Very different from my usual experience of looking for outfit inspo but 95% of the pieces don’t at all align with my values.

When booking the stylist I didn’t expect to be surprised by anything though. I figured the stylist would find items that I’ve already thought about or considered in some form or another. But… those amber trousers! The colour and cut is something I would have skimmed over when shopping and not thought much about, however now I can’t stop thinking about them. It was exactly the push and inspiration I was hoping for from this experience. I am very seriously considering adding them to my wardrobe, the only thing holding me back is that they’re made of denim and after years of soft, stretchy pants I’m not convinced I want a pair of jeans again. 😅 But I’m going to think more on them or maybe look for a similar colour in a different material.

Second Virtual Styling Session

About a month later I booked a second round of virtual styling. I wanted to have another set of selections before writing this review.

Again I think Meg did a great job! She nailed a good mix of versatile items, but also pieces that have interesting or unique details – like the very whimsical tiger print on the wrap top. Again all the pieces would be able to fairly easily integrate in my wardrobe.

I appreciate that she also thought about practical considerations, such as asking if I care about having bra coverage or not. You can give your stylist feedback to help with nailing future picks.

Going forward I would remove “accessories” from my list of items though because while I like them, I don’t tend to wear many different accessories so in hindsight it would have been better for to get another clothing pick instead of an accessory recommendation.

Is wearwell Personal Styling Worth it?

Overall I was really happy with my wearwell virtual styling experience. I got out of it exactly what I hoped for – some style inspiration and clothing recommendations that would work for my wardrobe from conscious fashion brands.

If you are someone who:

  • doesn’t have time for or doesn’t like shopping but wants to support sustainable and ethical brands
  • feels a little lost with your personal style
  • wants to get started with or explore more ethical/sustainable fashion options

then virtual styling can be a great way to get some guidance and inspiration, or basically have an expert shop for you!

It’s also a very nice bonus as part of their membership perks if you are a regular wearwell shopper. Why not get some stylist recommendations?

The only downside for me is that wearwell is currently only shipping within the US. So since I’m in Canada, if I fall in love with a piece my stylist picked I have to try and find it elsewhere.


If you would purchase from wearwell regularly then the annual membership at $8 per month (which includes a 10% discount, 4 seasonal styling sessions, and other perks) is definitely they way to go and could quickly pay for itself. Alternatively if you’re looking for just one styling session, you can purchase that on it’s own too.

If I lived in the US I could easily see myself using both the styling service and ordering clothing through wearwell, especially hard to find international brands like People Tree, and the membership being well worth it. Hopefully they’ll expand to Canada soon! 🤞

Although if you are in the US and interested in a membership, wearwell kindly shared a discount – you can use coupon code MYGREENCLOSET for 50% off an annual wearwell membership! So you can get their seasonal styling, a 10% discount, and free shipping for just $4 a month.

So overall I was very happy with how my personal styling sessions went and will likely be adding some of the stylist picks or (similar versions of) to my wardrobe.

How are you feeling about your personal style and wardrobe? Would you try a slow fashion virtual styling service?

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