Where to Recycle Underwear, Bras, Tights, Clothes & More!

What do you do with worn out or unused clothes?

Many of us already know about donating garments that are still in good condition, but what about clothes and accessories that are damaged, unwearable, and unsalable? They’re not just destined for the trash!

Here are programs that actually recycle some of those seemingly “un-useable” items we have in our wardrobes:

Where to recycled underwear, bras, clothing, shoes, tights and more!
Through Knickey’s recycling program you can send in old underwear and get a free pair of their comfy undies!
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Recycle Clothing

The best thing is first to look into local textile recycling options. Some cities will have textile collection streams or some thrift stores/charity shops do also partner with textile recyclers for worn out and unsalable pieces, (but be sure to first check that this is the case so the items aren’t just ending up in the trash).

If you can’t find a local program then I:CO partners can also be an option.

Recycle Underwear

This is the most common one I get asked about – what to do with old underwear? You might think they’re garbage, but they can actually be recycled!

Knickey has has a recycling program where they’ll take back their own undies, as well as underwear, bras, and socks from any brands (including men’s & kid’s underwear). They get shredded up and turned into usable products like insulation and industrial textiles. Plus as a thank-you for recycling, they’ll give you a free pair of organic cotton undies!

Unfortunately this service is currently only available in the US but if you know of any programs in other countries please share them in the comments.

Where to recycle bras

Recycle Bras

If you have new or gently worn bras and lingerie you can send them to The Bra Recyclers who collect and distribute them those in need.

If your bras are worn out, then also check out Knickey’s program mentioned above.

Recycle Tights

These are unfortunately something that gets worn through quite fast and are rarely in good condition for secondhand use.

Luckily Swedish Stockings has a recycling program that will accept synthetic pantyhose from any brand. The old tights get turned into industrial molded tanks or they even have a limited collaboration where chic, marble-looking tables are made from old tights! As a thank you, you’ll also get 10% off your next order of sustainable hosiery.

Where to recycle broken tights

Recycle Shoes

First, don’t forget about cobblers and shoe repair! If a heel or sole is worn down, you can often easily get them repaired for longer wear.

If shoes are beyond repair then Terra Cycle offers a shoe collection and recycling box however it is quite expensive (maybe something to try getting your workplace to invest in?). For a free option, many I:CO partners do accept shoes but make sure you double check.

Any brand of athletic sneakers can be dropped of at Nike stores for recycling where they are turned into things like gym floors, carpet underlays, or used in the outsoles of new shoes.

Recycle Purses & Bags

Like with shoes, many parts of purses can be repaired, so look into that first.

For this one I unfortunately couldn’t find any programs that accept worn out purses and bags. Although if they are made from fabric you can sometimes remove any hardware and recycle them through textile recycling channels. For leather/vegan leathers the best options I’ve found so far is upcycling.

Bonus – Recycle Contact Lenses

Not clothing, but I wanted to also share this one because it’s something most people don’t know about – in Canada you can recycle any brand of contact lenses at participating eye care professionals through a partnership with Bausch + Lomb and TerraCycle.

Through the Brand (take back)

Some slow fashion brands also have take-back recycling programs for their own clothes and products, this is good to make note of when purchasing an item and also great to support brands with circularity initiatives!

You can find brands with these types of programs in my circular fashion brand roundup.

If you know of other recycling programs for old clothes and accessories, or ones specific to your country, please share them in the comments!

I’ll continue to update this post as I find more options and also as brands start more recycling programs (an exciting trend I think we’ll see more of!). 🙂

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  1. Jan
    | Reply

    Wow, the article “Where to recycle underwear, bras, tights, clothes & More” is great to have handy! I live in the USA and sometimes where you live does not have the recycling needs in place or difficult to come by especially if your town has a Not Acceptable recycling list and one has to search outside town or state. Our town motto on recycling is “when in doubt, throw in the trash” meaning ripped undies are not recycled and goes into our garbage which then goes to county landfill. So one has to be diligent and do internet searching for companies that recycle.

    I have already been donating to the Bra Recyclers, based in Arizona, a great organization founded by Elaine Mitchell( pleasure speaking with) for 5 years. This year, I started with Knickey, based in NYC, which also recycles knit tights and recently they added cloth face masks. One has to purchase women undies or bras before doing the recycling program and its worthwhile because they give a pre-paid shipping label once their online form is completed. Swedish Stockings,on the other hand, does NOT offer a shipping label and that is where its expensive to ship your recycle nylon pantyhose from USA to Sweden. (USPS messed up delivery and returned after 3 months to me). Will try Fedex this time. Any reply is appreciated for mailing a 7 lb. box of nylon pantyhose.

    My family is into recycling our worn out clothing/shoes and donating the like new to gently used clothing to reputable charities in the USA. For instance, Dress for Success accepts women’s gently used professional clothing & accessories for the less fortunate. Check out the “free recycling programs” on the Terracycle website.
    Zkano Socks (Alabama) recycles socks only

    • Angela
      | Reply

      Hello, did you get the hosiery recycled? If not, Recycled Crafts has mail in recycling for nylon pantyhose. Their email is recycledcrafts@live.com for more info.

  2. Angela
    | Reply

    For those in the US, Recycled Crafts has mail in recycling for nylon pantyhose. Their email is recycledcrafts@live.com for more info.

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