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As always I only share brands I genuinely recommend and this of course also applies to brands I have affiliate links with.

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I share ethical and eco-friendly companies and products on my social media, blog, and YouTube channel, because it’s a growing industry that I really believe in and want to support. Sometimes I mention or link to brands or online stores whose products I have not tried or seen in person. Although I prefer to promote brands I use, I also believe it’s important to share conscious options that are available – I know they can be hard to find! I try to do research before mentioning a company or product, but I cannot guarantee anything and always recommend doing additional research yourself before making any purchases in order to make sure the company aligns with your personal values. Also, if you have experience with a brand or product I talk about, please share it in the comments to help others out!

Sustainable fashion and natural beauty are still relatively new and it can be difficult to get specific information about brands and products and to avoid greenwashing, but I try my best.

Please feel free to send a message if you have any questions!