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10 Zero Waste & Natural Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom


My bathroom has been the most difficult room to transition to sustainable products. So many items that we use every day are either sold in plastic containers or made with harsh chemicals, but your bathroom is not a place to overlook when working to reduce your carbon footprint. In... more

15 Ethical & Sustainable Menswear Brands – Ben’s Top Picks


I know there’s a lot of men that don’t think much about the impact of their clothing choices – I used to be one of them! However, the more I learned about sustainability and ethics in the apparel industry, the more I realized how important it was for me... more

2 Things You Need to Know About Recycling


We’re told from a young age that recycling is easy and a great way for us to help the planet, but unfortunately in reality it’s more complicated than it seems. Sometimes the way we recycle and the items we recycle can actually do more harm than good.  In this... more

How the Pandemic Made Me a More Mindful Human


“But what am I supposed to do next?” This was actually one of the questions I asked myself when the world went into lockdown during the last week of March in 2020. I was so busy doing, I had completely disconnected from myself. I had neglected my core needs... more