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Benefits of Slowing Down
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Daily life is increasingly fast-paced with more work and life demands plus the mental energy it takes being always connected through our phones and social media. Additionally consumption has sped up and we’ve been seeing an increase in cheap, disposable … more

10 Eco & Ethical Underwear Brands
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Since my post about sustainable bras I’ve been getting questions about good places to get bottoms as well, so here’s my roundup of sustainable and consciously made underwear! As with all the roundups I try to have a mix of North American, … more

How Quality Saves you Money
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Since trying to live more sustainably and consciously I’ve had to re-learn the way I view price and budgets. Before I would go with whatever the lower-priced option was but now I’ve learned that it’s not always actually cheaper. This … more

12 Eco & Ethical Swim Brands
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We’re getting into summer so it’s time to hit the pool or beach in some sustainable swimwear! 👙🏖 When it comes to swimwear, synthetic fabrics are actually a pro since they don’t retain as much water and dry a lot … more

Seasonal Fashion is SO Last Season
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Fashion has always had seasons. Initially it was 2 collections – for spring/summer and fall/winter, then it turned into 4 seasonal collections, then multiple deliveries throughout the season, and now with fast fashion new collections are on the floor every … more

12 Sustainable Bag & Purse Brands
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Bags are tricky when it comes to sustainability – there are a lot of different materials and they all have pros and cons. Leather comes with a slew of tanning and cruelty issues while the vegan alternatives tend to be … more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!