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Eco/Ethical Textiles & Yarns


Making your own clothing is already a lot more sustainable and ethical than buying new, but it’s even better to source conscious materials if you can! For all you sewers and DIYers, this roundup is a list of places... more

Must-Have Versatile Garments


I love versatile clothing! Especially with a capsule wardrobe, having pieces that can be worn different ways gives you a lot more options for outfits and styling. I’ve found having a capsule wardrobe has helped me become a lot... more

Benefits of Slowing Down


Daily life is increasingly fast-paced with more work and life demands plus the mental energy it takes being always connected through our phones and social media. Additionally consumption has sped up and we’ve been seeing an increase in cheap,... more

10 Eco & Ethical Underwear Brands


Since my post about sustainable bras I’ve been getting questions about good places to get bottoms as well, so here’s my roundup of sustainable and consciously made underwear! As with all the roundups I try to have a mix of North... more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!