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“Green” Date Ideas 💚
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In celebration of Valentines Day, here are some eco-friendly ways to spend time with your special someone. Personally I much prefer spending time together than giving gifts, and not only are these great lower-impact dates but they also can be … more

Tidying Up Responsibly
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After Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix show Tidying Up launched this year, people around the world have been asking themselves if their stuff “sparks joy” and decluttering the items that don’t. While I love that the show has inspired people to … more

10 Eco-Friendly Exercise Brands
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The most common questions I get are about brand recommendations, so during this year I’ll be posting some round-ups of conscious brands in different categories. I asked my Patrons where to start and they voted activewear, so let’s get those … more

Clothing Fits…. Who Exactly?
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A few months ago I posted a video about measuring and sizes and it included a link to a survey. I wanted to get some insight into the mystery of clothing sizes and fit and have actual data on what … more

30 Ideas for a Greener 2019
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Heading into a new year I always think it’s great to have a mix of goals/resolutions including personal, career, relationship, and also things you can do to reduce your impact. So here are some ideas of things you might want … more

Winter Capsule Wardrobe
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Since moving back to Canada I’ve had to re-think my capsule wardrobes a bit with the new climate. The biggest difference from where I was living in Germany is that winters here are a lot longer and colder. Into November … more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!