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Clothing Fits…. Who Exactly?
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A few months ago I posted a video about measuring and sizes and it included a link to a survey. I wanted to get some insight into the mystery of clothing sizes and fit and have actual data on what … more

30 Ideas for a Greener 2019
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Heading into a new year I always think it’s great to have a mix of goals/resolutions including personal, career, relationship, and also things you can do to reduce your impact. So here are some ideas of things you might want … more

Winter Capsule Wardrobe
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Since moving back to Canada I’ve had to re-think my capsule wardrobes a bit with the new climate. The biggest difference from where I was living in Germany is that winters here are a lot longer and colder. Into November … more

“Green Friday” Sales
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If you’re going to be shopping this Black Friday, why not support some more conscious brands? Here are some of the sales I’ve found and I’ll be updating the list as more brands post sales so check back! You can … more

Giving Quality Over Quantity
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Our consumerist society is amplified during the holidays and unfortunately it seems like consumption has become the focus of the season. Events require new outfits, festive-ness is measured by how many decorations you have, it seems like parties have to … more

Green Gift Guide
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Since we’re getting into the holiday season ❄ here are some of my gift ideas to shop consciously and support some amazing brands!This gift guide contains both North American and European based companies, but most ship internationally. Also almost everything … more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!