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Clothing isn’t “Zero Waste”


Did you know that basically all clothing generates plastic waste? Even if you buy a garment in store it likely still came shipped in an individual plastic poly bag.⁠ Many sustainable brands even use them and there’s a good... more

4 Things to Know This Black Friday


Black Friday and the whole sale weekend can be chaotic and oxytocin-fueled. If you are looking to snag some deals these are a few things you should be aware of to approach the next few shopping days more mindfully.... more

Eco-Friendly Newborn Must-Haves


Our little one is almost 2 months now (everyone says time flies but it really feels like the blink of an eye πŸ˜…). These are my must-have baby items that we use almost every day. I hope this roundup... more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!