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Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe
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(please note: this post contains some¬†affiliate links) Now that we’re living in a totally new climate I’ve had to re-think my capsule wardrobe a bit. So far this autumn we’ve had both beautiful warm days as well as snow and … more

What Size Are Conscious Consumers Actually?
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A vicious cycle happens in fashion – most new brands don’t have a customer base to develop sizes with so they turn to “standard size” guides for their patterns (which are surprisingly often based on sizing that was developed decades … more

Favourite Small-Batch Green Beauty Brands
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When you first get into green beauty it’s mostly the big brands you hear about. Lush was definitely my (and probably most people’s) introduction to more natural products, then I found 100% Pure, and moving to Germany it was easy … more

Watching the World Burn
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A couple weeks ago I experienced a forest fire. We were on a trip spending some time in the Okanagan which the night before had a huge lightning storm that started 20 fires in the area. There was a plume … more

Dear Brands: I’m a Small Business Too
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  Hey brands, we need to talk. Every work day I wake up to emails and DMs that go something like this: “We’re an eco-friendly/vegan/natural/fair trade company and we’d love if you shared a photo of our product on Instagram/wrote … more

Plastic Free July
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I’m doing the Plastic Free July challenge again! I’ve already talked about why I’m not zero waste, but I still think challenges can be a great way to learn and try out new things. Especially with our recent move back … more

New to sustainable & ethical fashion? This playlist is a great place to start!