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Clothing & Dress Rental Services


To go along with my video all about clothing rentals, here are some places that you can rent everyday wear as well as special event dresses and even maternity clothing! more

20+ Brands Tackling Fashion’s Waste Problem


Millions of tonnes of clothing and textiles end up in the landfill every year but some brands are finding solutions and changing how we view textile "waste". Here are over 20 zero waste, upcycled, and circular clothing brands. more

Beginners Guide to Apartment Composting


One of the best ways to reduce your waste and impact on your local waste system is to compost at home. Industrial composting comes with environmental costs that we often don’t think about. For example, collection vehicles make trips... more

Stylish, Sustainable & Actually Warm Winter Wear ☃️


I live in Canada where winter days can drop below -30°C and we’ve even seen temps down to -40° 🥶 so winter clothing has to be both functional and stylish! All those cute cloth bombers, single-layer dusters, and non-insulated... more