10 Cozy, Sustainable & Ethical Sweaters

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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

It’s sweater weather! Get cozy with these sustainable sweaters and knitwear.

Wondering what the difference is between alpaca and cashmere, or if wool is even an ethical choice? Check out this companion post all about wool – it’s fibre properties, the ethical considerations and what to look for to make more responsible and cruelty-free choices.

The brands I’ve picked have a variety of materials and different approaches and transparency around their ethics, so I think you’ll be able to find something that speaks to your style and values.

Quick References Symbols
🐑 – Wool
🦙 – Alpaca
🐐 – Cashmere
🌱- Cotton
♻️ – Recycled Materials

Image credit: Sheep Inc.

Sheep Inc.

A new fave – Sheep Inc. is a brand with classic cuts, great color options, and strong values. They do a great job providing information and transparency about their farming and manufacturing. As a cute bonus each piece even comes with a sheep – you can see the GPS location of the farm it lives on.

Their pieces are made in a solar-powered factory in Portugal where employees are paid a living wage. I also appreciate that they care about their products lasting as long as possible and include good clothing care info as well as a little sweater comb to keep your knits looking their best!

🐑 Sheep Inc.’s knitwear is made from ZQ certified merino wool (the best animal welfare standard currently available) farmed with regenerative practices.

Size Range: XS – XXL

Values: Sustainable Materials, Regenerative Farming, Low-Waste Production, Mending & Repair Program, Carbon Neutral, Gives Back

Based In: UK, ships international

Image credit: Amour Vert

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is great for both basics and more stylish pieces. Their sweater styles range from oversized fits to wrap cardigans, to cute puff-sleeved pieces in both neutrals and colours.

🌱 Amour Vert has a good selection of organic cotton sweaters and cardigans. (They also sell a few merino wool pieces which they say are non-mulesed but unfortunately don’t provide any other information)

Size Range: XS – XL

Values: Sustainable Materials, Made in America, Gives Back

Based In: USA, also ships to Canada, Australia, France, Germany & UK

Izzy Lane

I love Izzy Lane‘s mission to rescue sheep from slaughter and revitalize local manufacturing. If you’re looking for a wool brand that deeply cares about animal welfare this is it!

Their staple items can be worn for decades or passed down. Both my husband and I have Izzy Lane Sweaters which we wear every fall and winter.

🐑 Izzy Lane’s sweaters are made from their own flock of rescued sheep who will live out their lives on their pasture.

Size Range: XS – XL

Values: Small-scale Manufacturing, Made in Britain

Based In: UK, ships international

Back Beat Co. organic cotton sweater
Image credit: Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co.

Looking for not-so-basic knitwear? Back Beat Co. serves up cool, Californian style. They are a great pick if you’re looking for color!

🌱 Back Beat Co.’s sustainable sweaters are all made from organic cotton – a great vegan-friendly option.

Size Range: XS – XXL

Values: Sustainable Materials

Based In: USA, ships international

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has a large collection of sustainable sweaters mainly in their classic, comfortable cuts and neutral colours.

🐑🐐🌱 Eileen Fisher’s knitwear is available in organic cotton, organic linen, merino wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard, and cashmere; it’s important to note that they have a small collection of recycled cashmere but most of their cashmere does not have info on sourcing or ethical standards.

Size Range: XXS – 3X

Values: Sustainable Materials, Take-Back/Circularity Initiatives, B Corp

Based In: USA, ships international

Image credit: Kowtow


Kowtow makes both classic and cool cotton knitwear in beautiful bright and neutral colours. Great option for vegan friendly sweaters and cardiagans!

🌱 Kowtow’s knitwear is made from fair trade certified organic cotton.

Size Range: XS – XXL

Values: Sustainable Materials, SA8000 certified factories, Take-Back/Circularity Initiatives, Transparency

Based In: New Zealand, ships international DDP

People Tree sustainable sweater
Image credit: People Tree

People Tree

Sustainable and fair trade fashion pioneer People Tree always has a nice collection of both cotton and wool jumpers and cardigans.

🌱🐑 People Tree has both PETA-certified vegan sweaters made from organic cotton and organic wool sweaters (merino wool sourced from NZ). They provide some information about their animal welfare standards on the product page.

Size Range: UK 8 – 16

Values: Sustainable Materials, GOTS certified, Fair Trade Certified, Transparency

Based In: UK, ships international

Image credit: Babaa


Babaa‘s knitwear somehow strikes a perfect balance of contemporary but also classic styles that you’ll be able to wear for decades. Their knitwear is made in Spain from fibre to finished product.

🐑🌱 Babaa sources their wool and cotton locally. Their wool comes from generational herders who follow traditional practices and responsible land management.

Size Range: One Size

Values: Small-scale Manufacturing, Vertically Integrated, Plastic Free, Made in Spain

Based In: Spain, ships international

Image credit: Naadam


Naadam goes beyond the traditional sweater, also offering unique and fashion forward cashmere knitwear.

🐐 Naadam focuses on cashmere which they source from native herders in the Gobi desert who use traditional hand-combing. Some of their cashmere is blended with wool, cotton, and modal however they unfortunately provide little information about the sustainability and sourcing of these other materials.

Size Range: XXS – 3X

Values: Direct Trade, Carbon Neutral Shipping, – They also have other goals they’re working on to achieve by 2025

Based In: USA, ships international

Organic Basics recycled wool sweater
Image credit: Organic Basics

Organic Basics

While they only have a few sweaters, I really appreciate Organic Basics‘ sustainability and transparency – plus they make great basics!

♻️ Organic Basics sweaters are made with recycled wool – a great option for reducing waste, saving energy and resources, and avoiding ethical issues with new wool.

Size Range: XS – XL

Values: Sustainable Materials, Transparency

Based In: Denmark, ships international

Don’t Forget Secondhand!

Thrifting is wonderfully sustainable and also a good way to ensure you’re not supporting unethical practices.

Here are our favorite places to buy secondhand clothing.

Knit Your Own

Knitting is a fun and fulfilling project, and you can make exactly what you want!

One of the best things you can do is try to source local wool from sustainable and responsible farms or local yarn stores. It’s a wonderful way to support small businesses and often you can even visit the farms. Check if there is a Fibershed near you where many farmers also use regenerative practices.

We also have a roundup of sustainable fabric and yarn stores!

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang is great if you’re looking for cute and trendy styles and everything you need to make your own sweater!

♻️ Some of their yarns are definitely better than others and for sustainability and ethics we’d recommend sticking with their upcycled or organic cotton and hemp blend yarns.

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