12+ Sustainable Swimwear Brands

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Summer’s coming and it’s time to hit the pool or beach in some sustainable swim suits! 👙🏖

When it comes to swimwear, synthetic fabrics are actually a pro since they don’t retain as much water and dry a lot faster. For more sustainable swimwear, typically the best route is to look for recycled materials so at least no new resources were used to make it and existing materials like fishing nets and bottles are being repurposed.

As with all the roundups I try to have a mix of North American, European, and Australian brands.

(please note: some affiliate links are used in this roundup)

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Saltwater Collective (recycled materials, made in Canada)

Saltwater Collective

This Canadian brand uses Econyl® for their swimwear which is made from recycled nylon, regenerated from fishing nets, and plastic waste. Saltwater Collective‘s one and two-piece suits are all made locally in Toronto.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Simple, classic cuts in both bright and neutral colours
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, made in Canada
Size Range: XS – 2X
Ordering: Based in Canada, ships to some international countries

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Hackwith Design House (recycled materials, made in USA)
HDH’s versatile wrap top can be worn 3 different ways!

Hackwith Design House

HDH does it all with their clothing, swim, basics and intimates lines. Their swim collection is all made in-house at their studio in Minnesota from recycled polyester. Many of their styles are also available in plus size!

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Solid colours in unique and versatile cuts
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, made in-house, made-to-order, plus size, made in America
Size Range: XS – +4.5
Ordering: Based in USA, ships international

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - UND (recycled materials, made in Italy)


An Italian brand with sleek cuts and mesh details. UND uses a recycled plastic lycra for the main parts of their suits, their suppliers are all part of an energy efficiency program, and they manufacture everything in Italy.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Minimal styles with see-through accents
Conscious Highlights: Recycled and Oeko-Tex certified materials, seasonless design, made in Italy
Size Range: S – L
Ordering: Based in Italy, ships international


A swim and active brand with bright prints and colours. Their collection is made in China (read more about their manufacturing) from OEKO-TEX certified recycled PET.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Colourful kaleidoscope prints
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, Gives back
Size range: XS-XL
Ordering: Based in USA, ships international


A Canadian brand with sporty cuts in a variety of colours and unique prints. They design 1 collection a year which is locally made-to-order with a focus on reducing waste.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Colours and prints in sporty cuts, fuller coverage options
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, made-to-order, gives back, made in Canada
Size Range: XS – XXL
Ordering: Based in Canada, ships international

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Anek. (recycled materials, made in Europe)


Anek. swimwear is made either in their Berlin studio or Polish factory from Econyl® recycled nylon and any detail materials and elastics are sourced from factory leftovers and deadstock.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Classic colours with cute cut-outs and strap details
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, made in Germany or Poland
Size Range: XS – XL
Ordering: Based in Germany, ships international

Nettle’s Tale

I first heard about Nettle’s Tale years ago when they were crowdfunding to launch the brand and loved their celebration of body-diversity. They take fit very seriously and all their suits are locally made in Vancouver from recycled polyester, plus the sale of each swimsuit donates 10% to a select charity.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Cuts designed to fit and flatter many body types
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, gives back, plus size, made in Canada
Size Range: XS – 2X
Ordering: Based in Canada, ships international

Jessica Rey

For those looking for fuller coverage or more modest swimwear, Jessica Rey has a great selection of feminine and retro-inspired styles. Their swimwear is all made in a fair-wage factory in LA from recycled nylon.

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Jessica Rey (recycled materials, made in America)

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Fuller-coverage suits and retro cuts
Conscious Highlights: recycled materials, made in America
Size Range: XS – 1X
Ordering: based in US, ships international

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Reset Priority (recycled materials, made in Spain & Italy)

Reset Priority

This Barcelona-based brand has a collection of colourful and unique swim styles. Some of Reset Priority‘s suits are made from recycled nylon, and they use OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabrics, as well Xtra Life Lycra® which prolongs the life of the garment.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Unique cuts, details, and prints
Conscious Highlights: some recycled and certified materials, made in Spain and Italy
Size Range: XS – XL
Ordering: Based in Spain, ships international

Shapes in the Sand

This Australian brand makes staple swim styles in their own prints. Shapes in the Sand uses Econyl® recycled nylon, takes a zero waste approach to their fabric cutting, uses plastic-free hygiene liners, and manufactures everything in Australia.

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Shapes in the Sand (recycled materials, made in Australia)

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Unique prints in classic cuts
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, zero fabric waste, made in Australia
Size Range: AU/UK 6-14
Ordering: Based in Australia, ships international

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Elle Evans (recycled materials, made in Australia)

Elle Evans

Elle Evans is an Australian brand who was also featured in our sustainable activewear roundup. They have a mix of fun prints and solids in recycled nylon, and all swimsuits are made to order (mostly by Elle herself!) in their in-house studio.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: Colourful prints & sexy cuts
Conscious Highlights: Recycled materials, made-to-order, zero fabric waste, made in-house, made in Australia
Size range: XS – XL
Ordering: Based in Australia, ships international


BOLD Swim has sexy and classic styles (some in plus size as well!). I wanted to include them in particular though because unlike the other brands who use recycled materials, they actually make their suits from a special “biodegradable” nylon fabric called Amni Soul Eco®. Like with most proprietary fabrics it’s very difficult to get more information about how exactly it works so I am always a bit skeptical but the brand claims it will biodegrade in landfills.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: solid colour swimsuits in brights and neutrals
Conscious Highlights: biodegradable materials, plus size, sourced and made in Brazil
Size Range: S – 3X
Ordering: based in USA, ships international

Margaret and Hermione

A playful swimwear brand from Austria, Margaret and Hermione makes their swimsuits from recycled nylon with their own prints. They use recycled and sustainable materials for all their packaging and tags and their suits are all made in Croatia.

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - Margaret and Hermione (recycled materials, made in Europe)

-The Breakdown-
Great for: minimalist styles and artistic prints
Conscious Highlights: recycled materials, sustainable packaging, made in Europe
Size Range: 34 – 42
Ordering: Based in Austria, ships international

My Swimsuit

I have 2 bottoms from Underprotection (please read my review because I found the sewing quality disappointing) and recently needed to replace my top so I found this great reversible one from June’s eco collection with MEC which goes with both!

Eco & Ethical Swimwear - June Swimwear X MEC (recycled materials, made in Canada)

June x MEC

June Swimwear is a Canadian company that makes their swimsuits locally in Montreal. Their collection mainly uses conventional fabrics although their recent collaboration with outdoor brand MEC now uses recycled materials which is awesome to see and something I hope they will continue.

-The Breakdown-
Great for: simple cuts and surf-friendly styles in colourful prints and solids
Conscious Highlights: recycled materials (MEC collaboration), made in Canada
Size Range: S – XL
Ordering: based in Canada, ships international

Remember Me Green - beach totes and bags made from recycled NYC billboards

I also want to give a shout-out to Remember Me Green who gifted me this eco-friendly beach tote which has been the perfect bag for the pool, picnics, and everyday use! I previously used a cotton tote but especially with swimming more regularly it was always getting wet and dirty. RMG’s bags are all made from recycled NYC billboard materials so they’re not only sustainable but also water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.

Hope you have a beautiful summer! 🌞

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    Reset Priority is definitely worth checking out!

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    Charlotte Head
    | Reply

    It’s so cool to see more and more companies turning to recycled fabrics and materials. People often remember to shop ethically when shopping for things like food and drink, but forget about clothes and gifts- let alone swimwear! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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    Great round-up!! My bikini pieces (I have 2 tops and 2 bottoms that can all be mixed and matched) are still in great shape but I am really looking forward to getting a more sustainable version when it needs replacement. I AM a wee bit concerned about having to shopping online though, swimsuit shopping is so hard as it is!!!

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      Verena Erin
      | Reply

      If I’m shopping online for swimsuits I usually go for styles that have ties so they’re more flexible/adjustable, and definitely compare your measurements to the brand’s size guide and read any fit notes!

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